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Customer Service » Facebook Auctions

5-25-50-75 Game

Boujibroad.com will host Sunday night Facebook Auctions for luxury items not available on the site. You must LIKE US on Facebook to participate in Auctions.

Auctions will run between the hours of 6pm EST through 11pm EST. The last bid placed at 11pm will win the item. BoujiBroad.com will comment on the item to announce the winner at 11:01pm. If the item is won by BUY ITEM NOW, the Auction will be closed immediately.

Official Rules

Bidding will begin at 25% of the retail cost of the item.

Bids are entered by commenting on the item posted. Bids must be entered in increments of $5.

The reserve price of the item (amount it must reach before it can sell) is 50% of the MSRP. If an item does not meet the reserve price, it does not sell and remains the property of BoujiBroad.com.

You can bypass all bids and write BUY ITEM NOW for 75% of the MSRP. You can also BUY ITEM NOW anytime during bidding. Once you’ve purchased using BUY ITEM NOW, no more bids can be put in and you are responsible for the purchase of that item.

Example: If the MSRP of the item is $300, then bidding will start at $75. You can now bid on this item. The next available bid is $80. Your friend can now bid $85 and so forth. Once the bids reach 50% of the MSRP, which in this case is $150, the bag will sell to the highest bidder after the 50% mark.  So, if your friend bids $155 and you bid $160 and there are no further bids, You win!

The winner will be contacted with optional payment methods. Payment must be received within 24 hours of the winning bid.


BoujiBroad.com reserves the right to cancel bids at anytime. If a bid is cancelled by BoujiBroad.com, the bidder will be notified.

If payment is not received within 24 hours of the winning bid, your bid will be cancelled. BoujiBroad.com will then contact the second highest winning bidder for a SECOND CHANCE OFFER. If the item is still not purchased, BoujiBroad.com will re-stock the item for future Auctions.


We are pleased to offer guaranteed authentic items at a fraction of the price of our competitors. If an item for Auction is categorized or advertised as “Designer”, rest assured that you will always receive an authentic item.